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Opening Times

  • Monday - Thursday
    07.00 - 19.00
  • Friday 06.45 - 19.30
  • Saturday 09.30 - 19.00
  • Sunday 12.00 - 16.30


Visiting Shetland?

If you're staying in or near Voe, please feel free to get in touch and arrange some shopping to be delivered to your B&B, chalet, house or hotel. We can provide a huge range of goods and we don't charge for delivery if you spend over £20. 

Christmas Opening Times

Sunday 21st December                    1.00pm      until      4.00pm

Monday 22nd December                 9.00am      until      7.00pm

Tuesday 23rd December                  9.00am      until      8.00pm

Wednesday 24th December (Xmas Eve) 9.00am      until    8.30pm


Thursday 25th (Xmas day)               12noon      until     2.00pm


                                                              5.00pm      until    7.00pm

Friday 26th December                                  CLOSED

Saturday 27th December                 12.00pm     until     5.00pm

Sunday 28th December                                CLOSED

Monday 29th December                   9.00am       until    8.00pm

Tuesday 30th December                   9.00am       until    8.00pm

Wednesday 31st December             9.00am       until    8.30pm

 Thursday 1st January                                    CLOSED

Friday 2nd January                                        CLOSED

Saturday 3rd January                       11.00am     until    3.00pm

Sunday 4th January                         1.00pm       until    4.00pm


Monday 5th January                   Back to normal hours from today


Welcome to Tagon Stores

Welcome to the Tagon Stores website where you will find all of our latest news, information & fuel prices and much more.

Based in Voe, Shetland we are one of the most northerly independent retailers in the UK today. For over 75 years Tagon Stores has played a pivotal role in bringing groceries and fuel to the people of Voe and the surrounding area.

A proud local and independent shop, we are delighted to offer great products at affordable prices with discounts and promotions running regularly as well as some special promotions on the price of fuel which in Shetland is often the most expensive fuel in the country!

Our primary aim is to be a part of the local community by providing a wide range of products and more importantly a number of jobs for local people.

A Christmas Show is held every year with the opportunity to buy products that are not always on the shelves and meet with some of the shop's suppliers and try out their products too!


Collect Plus

We are currently the only outlet that processes Collect + returns within Shetland. We are regularly asked how the process works. Essentially if you are told or have been given a return label showing the collect + logo, you can return it Via the shop simply by dropping the parcel in to us whenever we're open. You can also use the service to send parcels and receive them to save you getting a 'We tried to deliver but you were out' card. Generally the service is cheaper than Royal Mail but it can be a little slower. For more information click here

Broadband from £5.99 a month with an included wireless router when you sign up to Plusnet - terms apply
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Fuel Prices

1 2 7 .0
1 2 8 .0

This page was last updated on 12/12/2014 and reflects the current price at the pump at Tagon Stores. Our prices will always include a ".0" at the end as we feel the price you see is the price you should pay and .9's are not showing you a true price!

Our last price change was a 6p reduction on Diesel and a 6p reduction on Petrol.